Sunday, 26 September 2010

Faux-Hawk Haircut Photos and How To Do

The faux-hawk haircut, as the name is, this is the hairstyle flatter version of a Mohawk haircut. The notable feature of this haircut is that the hair on the sides of the head is not completely shaved, which is what you do with a real Mohawk Haircut. What’s good about the faux-hawk haircut is that it allows you a little edgy without going too far (depending on how long or short your hair is). This is typically worn by using some sort of gel or styling wax to make the longer hair on the top of your head stick up with the scalp. And if you are too resistant to change your hair, just comb it to the side. Voila, Two haircuts in one! This now mainstream haircut was made popular by the football star David Beckham, He had Faux-hawk haircut for few years, and of course we can find many iterations of this faux-hawk haircut in 2010

Mens Faux hawk haircut -A special one for all men

David Beckham with Faux Hawk Haircut in 2008

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