Sunday, 15 August 2010

Fall 2008 Most Popular Emo Girls Hairstyles

The Most Popular Emo Hairstyles for Girls

Ascribing to the emo style is all about individual expression and uniqueness. However, this does not mean that emo kids don’t share ideas on style. In fact, many emo girls sport the same popular hairdos. The most widely accepted looks begin with hair being dyed black.

They also include long bangs, which are swept to one side and fall in front of either the left or right eye. As for the length, the most popular emo styles for girls are cropped rather short. They hang to just below the ear on the sides with longer pieces at the front and back. Most of the hair is cut into shaggy layers with razored ends.

The cut is straightened, usually with a flat iron, and then styled using a firm holding wax or gel. A little bit of product is all that is needed to create a messy, spiky look in the back of the hair. The front is usually left straight.

One of the most popular additions to this look is a trendy hair band used to separate the front of the ‘do from the back. Also, it is extremely common to see girls add bold highlights in an array of colors to their style.

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