Monday, 16 August 2010

Emo Fashion Haircuts For Emo Young Boys & Girls

Popular Emo Hairstyles

One of the latest trends to take the hairstyling world by storm is the “emo” look. Emo hairstyles are quite popular among teens and young adults, and can usually be worn by either males or females in virtually the same way.

Blonde Emo Hair

They are closely related to punk hairstyles, but generally less extreme in terms of height and color. Color actually plays an important role in defining emo hair. Locks are generally dyed a deep, rich color like black or dark brown.
Hot Emo Boy

Then, additional tones and highlights are added in shades like red, purple, and even blonde. As for the cut itself, emo hair is generally worn long for males and short for females. Bangs that hang in front of the eye are common, and the ends of the hair are usually razored to create an edgy texture. Speaking of texture, emo hair is usually worn sleek and straight.

Cool Emo Hairstyle

However, more and more emo styles are using waxes and gels to create asymmetrical, messy looks with added height. Ultimately, an emo hairstyle must reflect the wearer’s personality and individualism. Thus, the rules defining these styles are quite flexible. Choices made regarding emo looks are highly personal and can be adapted to suit individual preferences.

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