Monday, 5 July 2010

Mr And Mrs Dhoni

I am not a cricket aficionado. But, from Saturday night to Monday morning, there is nothing about Mahendra Singh Dhoni that I don’t know. That’s not bad since he does don the India colours. But now I also know all about an unknown Sakshi Rawat. So MSD didn’t marry the girl he was expected to marry, but that didn’t make it any less intriguing, or fun.

The wedding was a well-kept secret, since Bipasha Basu has been telling us on Twitter that it was not sudden, but pre-planned. Weddings never are, are they? Incidentally that puts paid to my journo friend’s comment which says hurry means lots to worry.

But, perhaps my friend is not totally off cue here. Some reports suggest that Dhoni had developed cold feet and didn’t want to marry before the World Cup. But both sets of parents ‘intervened’ to set things on course.
Once on course, there was no stopping the flow of information. We know about Ashish, the man whose ghoodi (the ghoodi has two names Rani and Bobby) MSD rode to the wedding. Ashish was ‘ecstatic’ about his hi-profile client who gave him Rs 5001 at the end of the ride. When MSD rides your mare, time under the sun is guaranteed.

We also know MSD’s sehra was made by Charandas of Dehradun’s  Paltan Bazaar for Rs 10,000.
And, did you see the hapless local who was delivering supplies to the venue and had cameras and microphones thrust at him?

But we are still missing the important detail: What are the honeymoon plans? What? No news?

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