Monday, 1 March 2010

5 Things to Remember to Avoid Being Branded as a Poser Scene Kid

5 Things to Remember to Avoid Being Branded as a Poser Scene Kid

If you are a scene kid who wants to adopt various gimmicks copied from others and you want to be a scene stealer all the time, you might be branded as a poser or trying hard by others.  If this happens, you annoy people and instead of being recognized as a smart scene kid, you may be isolated by other scene kids and the public too.
PhotobucketA lot of scene kids have become popular by setting their new trends.  You too can achieve that by creating an original scene style.  Think of something that you are familiar with in the scene environment.  But before you do this, be sure that you have a good standing in the social scene otherwise, people will just think that you’re a wannabe and thus, they might just ignore you.

When you go to a show and tell your friends about it, make sure that you are knowledgeable in what you’re saying.  You must be prepared to answer all their questions to avoid being labeled as a poser.

If you intend to join social networking sites, avoid Stardoll.  This site has numerous posers trying to make an impressive reputation in the scene world.

If you are a scene girl, try to use credible scene queens to pattern your image such as Raquel Reed, Audrey Kitching, Philfingerbang, Zui Suicide, Kiki Kannibal and Hammy Horror.  These idols have made their mark in the public scene and surely, you will never go wrong in adopting their image.

You cannot be branded as a poser if you always think first before you act on anything.

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