Saturday, 4 April 2009

8 Tips on Having a Fantastic Scene Style

8 Tips on Having a Fantastic Scene Style
  • The first commandment on being scene is not to say something about your being scene. Don’t transform your style into being a scene person in just one day otherwise you will be branded as a pretender or trying hard.

  • Make it a gradual process, something that could happen in a month’s time or a year. Be patient in the gradual transformation, you’ll get what you want if you study first the scene style of other kids.

  • Study and analyze their behavior and action but don’t copy. Avoid a repetition of style about the emo scene and the scene action. This will only affect your being a nice scene person.
  • Study and analyze what a kandi kid is before you go into action. Kandi kid guys are common to people nowadays so, you better think of something different.

  • If you want to be unique, buy your scene clothing from different shops rather than buying it only from Hot Topic. By doing this, people will have difficulty in identifying your style.
  • It’s not really necessary to know how to match colorful designs of your clothing but it helps to know something on color mixing patterns.

  • If you are used to dye your hair frequently, you must refrain now or may cause damage to it.
  • When you are ready to act on the scene, don’t be in a hurry to identify yourself as a scene person that could annoy other people; you will have your time. It’s better to go slow and hit your aim rather than fail in a short time.
8 Tips on Having a Fantastic Scene Style

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