Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Video tutorial on how to style short Scene Girl hair

Great video tutorial on how to style short Scene Girl hair from emoworldtv.com

Get some awesome choppy layers cut into your hair. If it is curly, think about having it straightened! Getting it razor ed is also very very scene.

Dye your hair midnight black with streaks of bright colors, such as neon pink or electric blue. As an alternative, you can keep your natural hair color and get some bold highlights that complement your hairstyle. The most common hairstyle in the scene is either straight black, or platinum blond with black underneath.

Try growing out your fringe and pin it to the side grips or bow clips until it fully grows out. Mess up the back with a little hair serum or, if you are going for a more boyish look, use gel to get a wet sleek look. Mold some porcupine spikes in the back add some oversized black sunnies and you ready for the scene!

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